About me


Hi and welcome to Books & Boardies. My name’s Emma, I’m 30 and from Bristol, UK.

So a litte bit about me…

I was born and bred in Bristol and I love my hometown whether it’s feeding squirrels in the park or relaxing by the fire pit outside my favourite harbourside bar with friends listening to country music with cocktails in hand.  I have recently taken up trampolining which is great fun, I even managed to smile through my first fall recently, I’ve got fantastic friends around the country who I enjoy hanging out with when we can all get the time. I’m also currently dipping my toe back into the world of online dating so expect a few humourous stories to arise from that.

On the book front my top ten is ever changing but some of the books that seem to remain in the list are…

A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseini

Memoirs Of A Geisha – ArthurGolden

Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen

Sniper One – Sgt Dan Mills

The Harry Potter Series – J K Rowling.

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