In Search Of The Spark.

the spark

So here’s the truth…Dating is hard!

I have recently started dating again after a long break and I’ve got to say it never gets easier. You chat to a guy, you think he’s lovely, you arrange to meet for drinks and then when you meet up in person it’s just not there. What’s not there? What was wrong with him? I hear this from my best friends and my folks each time it doesn’t work with a guy.

This is where I get frustrated. I’m not one of the girls who have a check box of things a guy must be.. Tall, dark hair, make so much money a year, have his own house and an expensive car. That just isn’t me but I do want one thing – THE SPARK!

I was actually asked by my mother yesterday if I expected Angels to come dancing by when I met this elusive guy, is that how I would know he was what I wanted. No, not angels, not unicorns pooping rainbows or any other weird mythical creature analogies you can think of but I do know that I will know when I meet him.

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